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One Big Wish for Ana - Wrap Conversion Tula Baby Carrier

Posted: May 02 2016

A year ago we were honored to be part of something incredible – we worked together and with a generous matching donation raised over $10,000 – for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help find a cure and provide more tomorrows for those living with CF and to Ana’s Wishes – to support a sweet 14 year old girl, Ana, as she went through a tough liver cancer treatment. We have recently received an update on Ana – she is not going to be able to recover from cancer and will be spending this spring and summer living as full a life as she can and making many happy memories with her family. As a mom, I cannot imagine anything more painful to face and walk through than the terminal illness of my child. 

Brave Ana!

Here’s where we can help:

We want to raise enough money to send Ana, her parents, her sister, some extended family members, and maybe even her pets to the beach for a week. We hope to cover the cost of a beach house and food and maybe even some activities for the family to enjoy.  Ana’s mom has shared with us that this is their dream for the summer – to have a week to be able to fully enjoy each other’s company and live richly in the moment, together, while Ana still has the strength to enjoy it all. Let’s do this for Ana and her family.  Let’s take care of the details so they can enjoy the week to the fullest! And soon!!

Ana’s mom is a friend of Ula – the founder of Tula – and Ula has generously offered a gorgeous wrap conversion Tula Baby Carrier made with a stunning woven wrap artfully created by Omega Organics as a thank you gift to a lucky donor.  We are asking you to join us in donating this week to grant one more big wish for Ana! Any amount will help and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Ana’s and her mom to fund this wish.

As a thank you for those who donate $29 between now and 7 pm on May 7th, and let us know by commenting HERE, we will randomly draw a name from the Facebook post to receive this Tula baby carrier as a thank you gift for your generosity. We will announce the recipient of the thank you gift on May 8th – Mother’s Day! This beautiful Tula will ship out the very next day! If you donate $29 – be sure to comment!

How to help grant Ana's wish:

Donations can be made directly to Ana via Paypal at or by sending the money as a gift via Paypal to: Note that this is a gift and not an exchange for goods or services. Please put "Tula" in the comments section.

We are SO thankful for any donation amount! If you have donated $29 or more and wish to be entered to receive the Omega Organics Aspirations Standard size Tula Baby Carrier, half wrap conversion with navy canvas, please comment on the original post from May 2nd at and be ready to for us to confirm with you on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

UPDATE: To help reach the goal of $4000 raised - when we hit that mark Sweet Baby Wraps will provide another Tula as a second thank you gift.  It will can be an in stock carrier in standard or toddler, chosen from a group of 6 prints so you're sure to get one you love.

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  • Posted by Melanie Blair on May 03, 2016

    Just donated. I hope the family is able to make some more incredible memories. Cancer had affected our lives and we hope eventually it will be stopped. I did forget to write Tula in the comments section but my name matches. Regardless, I’m happy to help give this family an incredible vacation together. Xoxoxo.

  • Posted by Sally Tamblin on May 03, 2016

    I donated $30 / I hope she has the best time!

  • Posted by Tamara Witcher on May 03, 2016

    Donated ❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful cause. Love, hope, and tears for you and your family.

  • Posted by Angela Hewko on May 03, 2016

    Donated. Sending you, Ana, and your family lots of love. I hope that you have an amazing summer and vacation with your family <3 <3

  • Posted by Jen Adair on May 03, 2016

    What an amazing cause; this hits very close to home for me. Donated. Ana, sending you lots of love. <3

  • Posted by Larissa Leong on May 03, 2016

    I have a Singapore paypal account and can’t seem to be able to send a donation as a gift payment. Can I donate via another platform? Thanks.

  • Posted by rebecca on May 03, 2016

    Donated <3 sending warm thoughts

  • Posted by Deirdre Kiely-Powers on May 02, 2016

    Donated! Sending a ton of prayers and love to Anna’s family. I’m praying you all get to enjoy a stress free vacation that creates everlasting memories. Lots of love xo

  • Posted by Tina Pang on May 02, 2016

    Donated. Hope you guys get to the beach. Love, from Canada

  • Posted by Nicole Edwards on May 02, 2016

    Donated but forgot to put Tula in comments. I hope it helps. Treasure each moment

  • Posted by Suzanne Rauch on May 02, 2016

    Donated! I forgot to put Tula in the comments though. Sending prayers for the whole family!!!

  • Posted by Michele Storts-Veverka on May 02, 2016

    Donated, pray that this family gets as much time as possible.

  • Posted by Leslie Crane on May 02, 2016

    May the salty air and warmth of the sun rejuvenate your soul all while creating cherished memories that surround you all. ❤️

  • Posted by Morgan Richardson on May 02, 2016

    Donated under Morgan Drury. Hope together we can raise enough. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Prayers ❤

  • Posted by Jerrica Russell on May 02, 2016

    You guys are amazing. Hope miss Ana gets to go and has a blast.

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