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  • Mother's Day Sale and Didymos Wrap Giveaway!

    Happy Mother's Day!  This job is not always easy and we hope that this weekend you get some extra love from your family!  Sweet Baby Wraps wants to give you some extra love and appreciation too!  Use the handy Rafflecopter tool below to enter to win this beautiful Didymos Love woven wrap in size 7.  This wrap is 100% cotton and woven in purple and ecru threads.  It is supportive and a medium weight good for babies and toddlers alike.  This wrap design features the words "I love you" in many languages.  You will love it!!


    Be sure to visit our Mother's Day Sale today through Sunday evening for some great deals on buckle carriers, wraps and ring slings!


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    • Ann Vergote says...

      pure love!

      May 11, 2014

    • Tara Crim says...

      Dream Mother’s Day – to sleep in ;)

      May 11, 2014

    • Courtney Jackman says...

      What a beautiful sweet wrap! I would love it for my bebe :)

      May 11, 2014

    • Samantha says...

      Can I be honest? I dont haveTwitter and prefer not to have to sign up to enter. I had days like this. It always starts ourout with a fight. You see, I have a spoiled shelfish husband., literally. My morning started with “I want to go to do this and that today and i would like waffles. You making me breakfast?” Followed by complain complain complain. This is how all special days go that dont have anything to do with him. And every time I think it will be different. I went into the bathroom to cry but decided screw you I’m doing MY day my way. So I got dressed and told him how MY day was going to go. Breakfast followed by walking around Pike Place and the waterfront. He is fine with that but I had to put my foot down to get it and I wish I didnt have to. And he wonders why I buy wraps :-)

      May 11, 2014

    • Jenny Allen says...

      Dream would be to sleep in. Go to family lunch and maybe swim in the afternoon with my kids. Then hubby already planned a night out with a sitter and dinner and a movie. Today is my birthday and Mothers day in one. I am 29!! My last year in my twenties!

      May 11, 2014

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