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  • Review of Girasol's Standard Cross Twill and New Thick Weave

    I have to say that I am a big fan of Girasol - the beautiful variety and softness are hard to beat!  So I was thrilled when Girasol announced a new thicker weave hoping that it would add some support for my growing 22 month old. After a month I am so happy with my thicker Northern Lights.  

    One thing that is not different between the standard and thick wraps is the type of weave - both are woven in the same broken twill pattern - also called cross twill.  The thick weave has a double weft and that is the structural difference that gives the wrap more thickness and support.  Weft is width or the side to side threads/yarn that are woven in; warp yarn goes the length of the wrap. In a Girasol the stripes are the warp yarn and the weft is all one color - purple in Northern Lights, red in Earthy Rainbow, etc...

    In this photo, thick weave is on the left and standard weave is on the right.

    About the new thick weave:

    • The weight is about 305g/m compared to about 210 g/m of the standard, single weft.
    • The thick weave wraps are about an inch (2.5 cm) wider than the standard wraps which is nice for wrapping toddlers.
    • Brand new the wrap has a more textured feel (not as soft and smooth) and is noticeably thicker compared to the standard Girasols.  Once broken in you will still feel this difference, both will soften up.
    • A casual glance likely would not be able to tell them apart but if you are looking for double weft you will see it.  Side by side you can see the difference in this photo.  The thick weave is on the left and standard on the right.
    • The double weft of the thick weave makes that weft color more prominent and makes the colors a little more rich when the weft is colored.
    • How does it feel with a toddler?  Solid - it does not sag and does not have a lot of stretch.  Very comfortable - a ruck with a knotless finish is quick so that is a favorite around here and this feels great.  
    • This wrap has a good amount of grip.  So although it does not glide around quite as easily as a super smooth wrap while you are wrapping and tying, the grip does keep the wrap in place nicely and keeps knots nice and tight.  
    • How to soften up the thick weave?  My favorites are washing, ironing (I know, sorry, but it is way more fun to iron a wrap than anything else!), using 100% wool dryer balls on very low or no heat in the dryer, braiding, pulling through sling rings, and best of all is using it!  Look for a blog post next week with detailed instructions.

    Have you tried the thick weave Girasols?  I would love to get your thoughts too! Please leave a comment here and share your experiences.  How does it compare to other thick wraps you've tried?  What is your favorite carry with this wrap?

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    • Debbie says...

      Thanx a lot for your review! I own more than 30 Girasols, but no toddler weave yet. I have pre ordered one, and was thinking about changing it to diamond. Thanx to your review I’ll leave it like this, and gonna give the TW a try :) BTW, if you are looking for a gorgeous wrap, check

      September 23, 2014

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