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For the Love of Ring Slings

Posted: Oct 05 2014


Today is the start of International Babywearing Week, Oct 5-11, 2014.  Sweet Baby Wraps has something special planned for each day of the week, you can find all the details HERE.  We are starting the celebration off right with a giveaway on our Facebook page for two Little Frog ring slings!  One for your and one for a friend!  Check it out HERE.

Ring slings are one of my top recommendations for newborns - but they are also one of my go-to carriers now with my 2 year old.  Why?  They are quick and comfortable!  You can enjoy the beauty of a wrap or gorgeous piece of linen fabric and offer your baby and yourself a customized fit each time.

I am also excited to officially announce that we have added Myheartcreative Linen Ring Slings to our website.  These ring slings are great from birth through the toddler years and get softer with each wash and with use.  Did you know linen repels stains naturally?  I didn't and it makes me love these ring slings even more!  My favorite thing might just be the colors - they are so rich and vibrant.  Even the colors that I would normally shy away from are calling to me...the golden honey and olive green are not to be out-shined by purple plum and rain blue.  

One thing that almost all of the ring slings that we carry have in common is that they are made with rings from SlingRings. We now have a wide variety of large rings and a couple options in medium rings available on our site.  These are great not only for DIY ring slings but also for finishing off a wrap carry...tutorials are coming!

It is no surprise that I am a fan of local and family-run businesses.  Both Myheartcreative and SlingRings are family owned and operated and and products are made in the USA.  It is my absolute pleasure to share with you the products of these companies!

Happy Babywearing!

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  • Posted by Arun on March 11, 2015

    Dear J good information and thguohtful comments are welcome. We looked into a number of carriers. Important factors were that it fit the two of us and be easily adjustable, was not too hot and was easily removable (e.g. at airports). As much as I think some of the wraps are pretty cool, they didn’t match up well with those criteria, for us at least. We ended choosing between the Ergo and the Bjorn. Our main objective for the Baby Bjorn was for travel and it served us very well for that. We did find that you need to take a little bit of care to adjust it properly for optimal comfort and fit (seems obvious but ). I will also say that several of the issues that some of the articles you mention can and should be handled with some common sense, like supporting your child’s weight, especially when they are little. We preferred to have her facing inwards as well. And yes some of those articles are quite opinionated without necessarily being that well informed either, to say the least.I guess we can reevaluate for the next child at this point!

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