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4 Tips for Babywearing in Cold Weather

Posted: Dec 12 2014

Don't let the cold weather slow down your babywearing!  Even in the cold, wearing baby and keeping her on your chest and upright is the safest place for her to be.  Keep these four tips in mind as you enjoy safe, secure, and comfortable babywearing!

  • Be smart about layers to keep you both warm – baby can usually just wear regular clothes plus a hat (with feet covered) when in a carrier if a coat is over both of you. Your shared body heat will keep you warmer together when you have fewer layers between you and a coat or other layers around or over the two of you.  You will be able to monitor baby’s temperature better this way too.
  • Use a babywearing coat and accessories. We love Zoli babywearing coats and the Zoli polar hats for baby that stay.put.for.sure!  Suse’s Kinder Teton coat is another good option and there are other coats and ponchos designed for two that are comfy and not too bulky. Long socks or leg warmers such as Baby Legs or Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks, can cover the ankle gap that is left when pant legs ride up a bit in the seated position.  Here in Seattle umbrellas are usually more of a tourist thing, but I've found a new appreciation for my umbrella when babywearing on rainy walks - it can be another handy accessory to keep in mind.
  • Consider your carrier. Think about how you will use your carrier or which type of carrier will be right for you, your little one, and your situation.  Do you need something you can put on at home such as a pre-tied wrap in a front wrap cross carry or a ring sling?  Will you just want something simple with minimal adjustment needed such as a buckle carrier or mei tai? Will you enjoy extra layers of warmth from a wrap, even a wool wrap?  If you’re wearing baby over your coat, be sure baby is bundled safely and appropriately and that your carrier will still fit securely and properly over your coat.
  • Watch the fluffy coats, covers and blankets – always keep baby’s face visible and keep baby upright. Be sure you can easily put a finger or two between baby’s chin and chest to help make sure baby’s airway is open.  This is true when baby is in a car seat or stroller too!

    The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance has a great article on safe babywearing in the winter here: http://babycarrierindustryalliance.org/2014/12/visible-kissable-holiday-safety/.

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