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Preorder: Cuddle up with a Zoli babywearing and maternity coat and hats for the littles!

Posted: Sep 03 2013

My oldest went back to school this morning and the first real sign of fall arrived as her bus pulled around the corner.  Summer has been great but here's something awesome to look forward to as fall gets closer: preordering a Zoli Trio babywearing and maternity coat for you and adorable Polar Cap hats for your little ones!  I'm so excited to be introducing this awesome French company to moms and babies in the US!  

It is so hard to find a coat that fits and is even a little flattering during pregnancy.  And babywearing coats are wonderful... but, mine have for sure been function over form.  The Trio coat by Zoli is the one coat you'll need to keep you warm and looking great from pregnancy through years of babywearing. It also genuinely works as a cute coat when you're not pregnant or wearing your babe! The Trio coat is cut to fit feminine curves without being too snug, though I do recommend ordering a size up from your usual size to account for differences in French and American sizes.  A new feature is a discreet hood hidden in the collar - a necessity for my fellow Pacific Northwesterners!  Another important item to note for moms of little ones - this coat is machine washable.

These coats come with a matching, adorable Polar Cap hat for your wear-ee.  The hats not only keep little ears and necks warm, they extend down onto the back and chest to keep baby protected from the elements while babywearing or running around the yard. The hats are also available separately in newborn and baby / toddler sizes.

Check out the cuteness of these hats!!


Here are some photos of a friend wearing her Trio coat:


The babywearing mamas in Montana have already discovered Zoli and love their coat too.  Here is their review with a few great photos of the coat in action from the Babywearers of Bozeman:

Sit back for a few minutes (or watch while you nurse your little one) and enjoy the peaceful music that accompanies this video from Zoli that demonstrates how to wear the Trio coat with all of its options.  

Preorder details:

Polar Cap hats are available in limited quantities so the hat preorder will close on Monday, Sept. 9th at 10pm Pacific so I can get our orders in before they sell out. There is a broad range of colors available for preorder but we will only offer 2-3 colors for in stock hats this fall. The newborn size hats fit from birth to 3-4 months and the baby/toddler size fits from 4 months to 2-3 years old.

Trio Coats are available in two colors (brown with turquoise and black pearl) and five sizes (small to XX large) for preorder until Monday, Sept. 23rd at 10pm Pacific.  To sweeten the deal, the preorder coats are priced at a small discount!



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