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Natibaby Kraken Preorder - Congrats to Design Contest Winner Taylor!!

Posted: Sep 13 2013

Seattle Area Babywearing Network's own Taylor and her husband Jason won Natibaby's design contest!  Born out of Jason's love of pirates and Taylor's love of babywearing these wraps will win your love too!  Woven in either a hemp/cotton blend (black) or merino wool/cotton blend (marine) it will be tough to decide which one to get!  


Inspiration: Jason has always had a fascination with pirates and so it was no surprise when he and Taylor decorated their son's room with a pirate theme. Gifts for their son have been more and more anything pirate and even their diaper bag has skulls and crossbones.  Jason is seriously talented, here is a treasure map that he painted for his son!


Preorder Details:

This pre-order will be available until 9 pm Pacific on Sept 20th for Marine and Sept 26th for Black.  Wraps will be woven and shipped in 2-4 months so be prepared for a wait and we'll hope there are no delays.  Kraken Marine will be woven first, followed by Kraken Black. I will be in touch with you to keep you posted. You can pay in full now or pay a $100 deposit and the remainder when the wraps are ready to be shipped.

Kraken Marine is woven in marine and ecru threads and is 30% merino wool / 70% cotton.  The marine color is a green/blue that is mostly green. Natibaby merino wool blend wraps are truly amazing in their softness and support.  They are not just good for winter, wool is a very breathable fabric so can be worn as well in warm weather.  Don't be intimidated by the bit of extra care for a wool wrap.  Simply soak in cool water with Eucalan wash in a tub for 15 minutes (no rinse!), roll in a towel to gently squeeze out the extra water and lay flat to dry.  We can do this!  

Kraken Black will be 30% hemp / 70% cotton and woven in black and ecru threads.  Natibaby hemp is just dreamy!  So soft and so supportive! Plus hemp is very easy to care for.  It is machine washable on gentle with cold water and can go right into the dryer on low.  Add a couple dryer balls to help break it in and speed up the drying time because you won't want to be without this wrap!


$100 deposit is required for all sizes for the pre-order and you will be billed the remainder when the wraps are ready for shipping.

size 4    $160

size 5    $170

size 6    $180

size 7    $190

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  • Posted by Sara Burkett on November 06, 2014

    I’m interested in purchasing a natibaby kraken black in a size 7. Is that available?

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