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  • Why Wear Your Baby?

    Of the many wonderful aspects of babywearing, convenience, confidence, and connection top the list for me.  Many parents, myself included, discover babywearing out of the need to find something to calm baby, try to get something done during the day, or chase an older brother or sister.  The hands free convenience of babywearing is a game changer! This can lead to the discovery of greater confidence as a parent as you learn a new way to sooth your baby in a carrier, help them fall asleep for a nap, or run an errand successfully for the first time as a new mom or dad.  Experiencing the connection with your baby that wearing them supports makes your babywearing days and years part of your most treasured memories and the foundation for a healthy, trusting, and loving relationship with your little one.

    Here are more reasons that babywearing is so amazing:

     - Babywearing decreases stress for mom and baby.  For mom, being in close contact with your baby produces prolactin and oxytocin – happy hormones!  Babies have a need for touch and to be close to their mom, babywearing does not spoil a baby.

    - Babies learn that life is active and they feel important because they are included.

    - Less crying!  Researchers found that babies that are carried cry about half as much as babies that are not.

    - Being held close stabilizes a newborn’s heartbeat and temperature which in turn allows their bodies to focus on growing and gaining weight.

    - Security of being with mom or dad promotes independence and curiosity.

    - A baby or toddler can interpret their parent’s facial expressions which helps them understand the world around them.

    - It is comfortable for you and your little one!

    - Babies feel loved and secure and deepen their trust in you; which we all hope lasts well into the teenage years!

    - Babywearing can be part of kangaroo care for premature babies which research has shown to be incredibly beneficial.

    - Babywearing can be a fashion statement when you may otherwise be decorated with spit-up and wearing yesterday’s yoga pants.

    - You can nurse on the go with a baby carrier.

    - Babies and toddlers with special needs can benefit from being worn.

    - You can wear two kiddos at once – twins or your baby and toddler.

    - Cuddles with your baby are so precious and sweet.

    - You can wear a baby many places that a stroller cannot go.

    - Movement of being carried stimulates a baby’s brain.

    - Since you are close to baby you more quickly learn their cues and can respond sooner to meet their needs.

    - Babywearing promotes bonding – not only with mom but also with dad, grandparents, older siblings and care givers.

    - The right baby carriers support the natural positioning and healthy physical development for baby.


    What do you love about babywearing?  What does babywearing allow you to do?

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