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  • 4 Tips for Babywearing in Cold Weather

  • Tula Tropical Random Draw Details

  • Join our new Facebook Group: Sweet Baby Wraps Community

    Today our Facebook group is launching!  Please come join us and join the conversations!


    Why have a group page?

    Sweet Baby Wraps is an online only boutique and while I am involved as a volunteer educator with a couple local babywearing groups I really would love more interaction with customers and friends of the shop.  I want to create a place where parents can ask babywearing questions and find encouragement and support without judgement.  I will be there to answer questions and I encourage you to share your experiences there too. 

    How will this be different from our regular Facebook page?  

    Our Facebook business page isn't going anywhere and will continue to be a place where I share product news, blog posts, babywearing tips and tricks and some fun things too.  The group will get most of that too but will be more focused on Q & A and conversation.  When I began babywearing a community was a treasured part of my experience and since not all moms have access to that kind of community locally I want to offer this option.  Plus it is a place that will be available 24/7 - so whether you are nursing  at 2am or if getting out of the house if just too tough on any given day - this group is still here for you.

    Is this going to be a private group?  

    Nope, the group will be open to the public.  If you want to ask a question to the group anonymously you can send me a message and I'll put the question out there for you.

    Who should join the group?

    This group is for anyone interested in babywearing.  Moms, dad, grandparents, caregivers, doulas, aunts, uncles... all are welcome!

    Thank you for joining me in this experiment to see if this group is a great way to connect.  I've put a lot of thought into it and I'm excited by the opportunities a more casual group can offer.  Let's make it happen!

  • For the Love of Ring Slings


    Today is the start of International Babywearing Week, Oct 5-11, 2014.  Sweet Baby Wraps has something special planned for each day of the week, you can find all the details HERE.  We are starting the celebration off right with a giveaway on our Facebook page for two Little Frog ring slings!  One for your and one for a friend!  Check it out HERE.

    Ring slings are one of my top recommendations for newborns - but they are also one of my go-to carriers now with my 2 year old.  Why?  They are quick and comfortable!  You can enjoy the beauty of a wrap or gorgeous piece of linen fabric and offer your baby and yourself a customized fit each time.

    I am also excited to officially announce that we have added Myheartcreative Linen Ring Slings to our website.  These ring slings are great from birth through the toddler years and get softer with each wash and with use.  Did you know linen repels stains naturally?  I didn't and it makes me love these ring slings even more!  My favorite thing might just be the colors - they are so rich and vibrant.  Even the colors that I would normally shy away from are calling to me...the golden honey and olive green are not to be out-shined by purple plum and rain blue.  

    One thing that almost all of the ring slings that we carry have in common is that they are made with rings from SlingRings. We now have a wide variety of large rings and a couple options in medium rings available on our site.  These are great not only for DIY ring slings but also for finishing off a wrap carry...tutorials are coming!

    It is no surprise that I am a fan of local and family-run businesses.  Both Myheartcreative and SlingRings are family owned and operated and and products are made in the USA.  It is my absolute pleasure to share with you the products of these companies!

    Happy Babywearing!

  • Pinterest Party and Tula Giveaway with Sweet Baby Wraps

    Today let’s spend some time on Pinterest!  Easy to do, right?!  I am just getting my boards going over there - well, for my business at least, I've loved Pinterest for a long time!  For the next 36 hours pin to one of your public boards your favorite carriers, accessories, blog posts, or photos from www.sweetbabywraps.com and when you do tag @sweetbabywraps.  A pinner will be randomly chosen Saturday night and will win a Candy Stripe Toddler Tula:

    Just in time for the Pinterest Party, I want to share with you two infographics that I love that I hope you will agree are very Pin-worthy!  I have worked with my friend, a talented graphic designer, on these and I am so happy with her work. They live in the Learn section of my website here, http://www.sweetbabywraps.com/pages/learn.

    Why Wear Your Baby and Babywearing Safety ABC'S:


    Many of these safety tips apply to anything you put your baby in such as a carseat or swing.

    This birthday celebration week has been all about showing my thanks for you and the fun doesn't stop with the conclusion of the birthday party week.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year of continually learning how I can better serve you and be an awesome babywearing resource for new and experienced babywearers. Please send me any babywearing questions you have, carriers or techniques you'd like to see demonstrated, and new brands you'd like to see stocked in our shop.  

    Thank you so very, very much!!


  • Girasol Design Contest Winning Submission

    Thank you to all the creative people who entered the Girasol Design Contest!  There were so many beautiful design. This has been a wonderful challenge to pick one that reflects the trends in the submissions. This winning design was sent in by Kim S.  I will now work with Girasol to bring this to life and the final mockup will look a little different, but this is our awesome starting point.  I will keep you posted!!  

    Kim has won her choice of a $75 gift card to shop right now....or a free wrap that results from her submission when it is ready, if she can wait, it will be more than a few months! :-)

    Kim Smith's photo.