50% off EVERYTHING! No discount code needed! 50% off EVERYTHING! No discount code needed!


  • Babywearing Accessories Giveaway


    A giveaway for you and a friend: the perfect accessories for every babywearer!  

    • A cross body bag that fits over or under your baby carrier.
    • A teething necklace by Jellystone
    • 100% woo dryer balls - to fluff or break in your wraps on no heat in the dryer....and to use for all your dryer loads

    To win one set for you and one for a friend go to our Facebook page, find today's post on this giveaway and tag one friend per comment.  You may comment multiple times but please just tag one friend in each comment.

    Comments close at 10pm and the winner (and friend) will be randomly chosen and announced tonight sometime after 10.

    Thank you!

  • Girasol Sale and Design Contest

    As part of our first birthday celebration Girasol wraps and ring slings are 15% off through Monday at midnight! **For the discount use code: "girasale" during checkout.**  Each Girasol shipped will include a free wrap scrap key chain chosen from a variety of wraps!  

    Girasol Wrap design contest

    Put your creativity to work in designing a custom wrap!  Please send in a design with 3-5 colors you think would be awesome in a striped wrap.  You may submit multiple entries; all suggestions are due by 10pm Pacific on Tuesday, Aug 19th.  

    • Send the stripes as you’d like them as an image or in a photo with colors you love. You don't have to get fancy with technology. 
    • Post suggestions in the comment of this blog post, the Facebook post on the contest, or email me: carrie@sweetbabywraps.com
    • I will choose the winning design and the person who submitted the design will be announced on Wednesday, Aug 20th by 4pm Pacific.  The winner will be sent their choice of a $75 gift certificate to Sweet Baby Wraps right away or a free wrap of their design when they are ready! The winner will be chosen randomly if there are multiple similar entries. 
    • Why 3-5 colors?  I want a wrap that will be beautiful for everyone and especially helpful for those that are new to wrapping - fewer stripes means that it is easier to tell where the wrap or ring sling needs to be adjusted for a great fit.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity!!

  • Happy Birthday Wrapsody and Sweet Baby Wraps

    Celebrate with Wrapsody and Sweet Baby Wraps!

    We are so thankful for your support of our first year in business we are throwing a party for you!

    This month Sweet Baby Wraps celebrates our first year in business and Wrapsody celebrates their !  We have some awesome things planned to thank you!

    August 16-22 Sweet Baby Wraps will have daily specials including discounts and giveaways. Every order placed that week over $50 will receive a free wrap scrap key chain until we run out (we have really stocked up!). Our blog and Facebook page will have the news of the day!

    Wrapsody Trade In Program!  Download the form, send it in with your old Wrapsody wrap that has been freshly laundered and is in one piece.  Be sure it is post marked by Aug 25th ro arrive by the 30th, and once it is received you will get a 25% off coupon for a new Wrapsody at Sweet Baby Wraps to use between Aug 25-Sept 3rd! There will be more Wrapsody fun that week so stay tuned for discounts and giveaways! Get all the trade in details HERE.

    Babywearing Walk - Are you local to the Seattle area?  Join us for a walk on Saturday, August 30th. Details will be posted on our party page.  If you have a Wrapsody wrap we'd especially love to see you in it that day and we'll have some extras for you to try out for the walk too.

    We'd love to see your babywearing photos!  When you share your babywearing pictures, tag @sweetbabywraps and #sweetbabywraps! You can email them to us and we can share them for you too! carrie@sweetbabywraps.com

    We have joined Instagram and would love to follow you too!  @sweetbabywraps

  • Review of Girasol's Standard Cross Twill and New Thick Weave

    I have to say that I am a big fan of Girasol - the beautiful variety and softness are hard to beat!  So I was thrilled when Girasol announced a new thicker weave hoping that it would add some support for my growing 22 month old. After a month I am so happy with my thicker Northern Lights.  

    One thing that is not different between the standard and thick wraps is the type of weave - both are woven in the same broken twill pattern - also called cross twill.  The thick weave has a double weft and that is the structural difference that gives the wrap more thickness and support.  Weft is width or the side to side threads/yarn that are woven in; warp yarn goes the length of the wrap. In a Girasol the stripes are the warp yarn and the weft is all one color - purple in Northern Lights, red in Earthy Rainbow, etc...

    In this photo, thick weave is on the left and standard weave is on the right.

    About the new thick weave:

    • The weight is about 305g/m compared to about 210 g/m of the standard, single weft.
    • The thick weave wraps are about an inch (2.5 cm) wider than the standard wraps which is nice for wrapping toddlers.
    • Brand new the wrap has a more textured feel (not as soft and smooth) and is noticeably thicker compared to the standard Girasols.  Once broken in you will still feel this difference, both will soften up.
    • A casual glance likely would not be able to tell them apart but if you are looking for double weft you will see it.  Side by side you can see the difference in this photo.  The thick weave is on the left and standard on the right.
    • The double weft of the thick weave makes that weft color more prominent and makes the colors a little more rich when the weft is colored.
    • How does it feel with a toddler?  Solid - it does not sag and does not have a lot of stretch.  Very comfortable - a ruck with a knotless finish is quick so that is a favorite around here and this feels great.  
    • This wrap has a good amount of grip.  So although it does not glide around quite as easily as a super smooth wrap while you are wrapping and tying, the grip does keep the wrap in place nicely and keeps knots nice and tight.  
    • How to soften up the thick weave?  My favorites are washing, ironing (I know, sorry, but it is way more fun to iron a wrap than anything else!), using 100% wool dryer balls on very low or no heat in the dryer, braiding, pulling through sling rings, and best of all is using it!  Look for a blog post next week with detailed instructions.

    Have you tried the thick weave Girasols?  I would love to get your thoughts too! Please leave a comment here and share your experiences.  How does it compare to other thick wraps you've tried?  What is your favorite carry with this wrap?

  • Mother's Day Sale and Didymos Wrap Giveaway!

    Happy Mother's Day!  This job is not always easy and we hope that this weekend you get some extra love from your family!  Sweet Baby Wraps wants to give you some extra love and appreciation too!  Use the handy Rafflecopter tool below to enter to win this beautiful Didymos Love woven wrap in size 7.  This wrap is 100% cotton and woven in purple and ecru threads.  It is supportive and a medium weight good for babies and toddlers alike.  This wrap design features the words "I love you" in many languages.  You will love it!!


    Be sure to visit our Mother's Day Sale today through Sunday evening for some great deals on buckle carriers, wraps and ring slings!


  • All about Tula Baby Carriers; what does the Tula lingo mean?

    Whether you are new to Tula or have loved your Tula for years the lingo may be confusing.  So I’d like to offer this introduction and glossary – please use the comments to let me know what I can add to this and I’ll edit this blog post to keep it updated!

    Tula is a family owned company has been around for about 5 years and they make a buckle carrier that is not only amazingly comfortable (yes, even with toddlers) but they come in a changing variety of cute and modern prints that moms AND dads love.  The carriers are made in Poland and Mexico and the US headquarters is in San Diego, Cali.  I am so excited that Tula is now introducing a line of woven wraps!  This company has a very high standard of quality so I have no doubt the wraps will be wonderful.  I will be selling them if and when they are available for me to stock.  

    Standard size: fits from 15-45 lbs and I recommend it from about 4 months up to between 1 ½ - 2 years depending on the height and weight of your toddler.  Once your baby is sitting unassisted very well, around 6 months, you can start doing back carries with a buckle carrier.  Just be sure he doesn't slump down when sleeping and put his airway at risk.  The Rearview Mirror is a quick and easy way to check up on him especially when you aren't with another adult.

    Toddler size: fits from 25-50 lbs and I recommend it from around 1 ½- 2 years on up.  It is quite a bit wider than the Standard so most 12 month olds would be swimming in it but there are rare exceptions.  This is good news though because it will really last a long time.

    Infant insert: Tula makes an infant insert to use with the Standard size carrier earlier than 4 months old for front carries only.  This is well made and a good option for some, however infant inserts are generally not my first choice for newborns, especially during warm months.

    Free to Grow Extenders: these extensions widen the base of the panel so that knee to knee support and the seated squat position can be maintained as your little one grows.  This can greatly extend the life of your Tula.  The extenders are easy to use and really do work very well.  These are available in limited canvas colors, usually black and grey.

    Hoods: all Tulas come with a flat hood that has elastic cord in the sides, it is nice a light weight and durable cotton.  It is removable with snaps and is just the right size to fold up and store in the pocket on the waist belt.

    Accessories: Drool pads, custom hoods, and other fun accessories for your Tula are made by a handful of small businesses.  Some sell them ready made and some make customs but can have a wait of a couple months. List your favorite accessory maker in the comments!

    WC Tula: Wrap Conversion Tula – this is a Tula made in part or whole from a woven wrap.  The same pattern is used so the sizing is the same.  These are only available occasionally from retailers and most Sunday afternoons directly from Tula - but they go very quickly!

    Semi WC Tula:  A Semi wrap conversion is made with brushed cotton canvas and the front of the panel is made with a woven wrap.  The hood is made from thin, 100% cotton fabric.

    Half WC Tula: The front of the panel, the front of the waist belt, pocket, and front of the shoulder straps are made out of the wrap. The inside of the panel, waist belt, and shoulder straps of the carrier are made out of brushed cotton canvas in a coordinating color. The hood is made from thin, 100% cotton fabric.

    Full WC Tula:  All fabric on this carrier is from a woven wrap.

    Wrap hood:  A double layer wrap fabric hood is an option sometimes available with wrap conversion.  It is also a removable, flat hood.