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  • Imitation is the sincerest form of learning

    As parents we know that our babies are constantly learning by watching us and others.  Now researchers at the University of Washington and Temple University have confirmed that babies directly connect your movements and actions to their bodies with brain stimulation in the corresponding part of their brain. This is so cool because when you are babywearing you are bringing your baby along with you and they get a front row seat to see all that you are doing. Your baby has the opportunity for increased brain stimulation and learning just because you are choosing to wear your baby.  We have known about the emotional connection that babies make when they are worn or held and can see your face and feel your physical response; here is scientific research showing another level of incredible connection.  Our babies are so amazing, aren't they?!

    One more great reason to babywear!

    I'll let the experts tell the rest of the story in their own words...

    From the UW press release on 10/30/13:

    “Babies are exquisitely careful people-watchers, and they’re primed to learn from others,” said Andrew Meltzoff, co-author and co-director of the UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences. “And now we see that when babies watch someone else, it activates their own brains." 

    “Our findings show that when babies see others produce actions with a particular body part, their brains are activated in a corresponding way,” said Joni Saby, lead author and a psychology graduate student at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

    “The reason this is exciting is that it gives insight into a crucial aspect of imitation,” said co-author Peter Marshall, an associate psychology professor at Temple University. “To imitate the action of another person, babies first need to register what body part the other person used. Our findings suggest that babies do this in a particular way by mapping the actions of the other person onto their own body.”

    Meltzoff added, “The neural system of babies directly connects them to other people, which jump-starts imitation and social-emotional connectedness and bonding. Babies look at you and see themselves.”

    From the KUOW/NPR story on 10/31/13:

    "Babies seem to have a picture of their own body in their head – a schema that “allows them at a fundamental level to tie themselves to you and recognize the similarity between self and other.”"

    "Besides learning movement, Meltzoff said the implications of their research include how babies learn about their culture and connect with other people. Their research is opening up new questions and possibilities in the field."

    Here is the original PLOS One journal article.

  • Why Wear Your Baby?

    Of the many wonderful aspects of babywearing, convenience, confidence, and connection top the list for me.  Many parents, myself included, discover babywearing out of the need to find something to calm baby, try to get something done during the day, or chase an older brother or sister.  The hands free convenience of babywearing is a game changer! This can lead to the discovery of greater confidence as a parent as you learn a new way to sooth your baby in a carrier, help them fall asleep for a nap, or run an errand successfully for the first time as a new mom or dad.  Experiencing the connection with your baby that wearing them supports makes your babywearing days and years part of your most treasured memories and the foundation for a healthy, trusting, and loving relationship with your little one.

    Here are more reasons that babywearing is so amazing:

     - Babywearing decreases stress for mom and baby.  For mom, being in close contact with your baby produces prolactin and oxytocin – happy hormones!  Babies have a need for touch and to be close to their mom, babywearing does not spoil a baby.

    - Babies learn that life is active and they feel important because they are included.

    - Less crying!  Researchers found that babies that are carried cry about half as much as babies that are not.

    - Being held close stabilizes a newborn’s heartbeat and temperature which in turn allows their bodies to focus on growing and gaining weight.

    - Security of being with mom or dad promotes independence and curiosity.

    - A baby or toddler can interpret their parent’s facial expressions which helps them understand the world around them.

    - It is comfortable for you and your little one!

    - Babies feel loved and secure and deepen their trust in you; which we all hope lasts well into the teenage years!

    - Babywearing can be part of kangaroo care for premature babies which research has shown to be incredibly beneficial.

    - Babywearing can be a fashion statement when you may otherwise be decorated with spit-up and wearing yesterday’s yoga pants.

    - You can nurse on the go with a baby carrier.

    - Babies and toddlers with special needs can benefit from being worn.

    - You can wear two kiddos at once – twins or your baby and toddler.

    - Cuddles with your baby are so precious and sweet.

    - You can wear a baby many places that a stroller cannot go.

    - Movement of being carried stimulates a baby’s brain.

    - Since you are close to baby you more quickly learn their cues and can respond sooner to meet their needs.

    - Babywearing promotes bonding – not only with mom but also with dad, grandparents, older siblings and care givers.

    - The right baby carriers support the natural positioning and healthy physical development for baby.


    What do you love about babywearing?  What does babywearing allow you to do?

  • Natibaby Kraken Black Giveaway

    Ahoy! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day n' since we have a pre-order open fer a pair o' awesome pirate wraps, Sweet Baby Wraps be givin' one away! Natibaby Kraken Black Hemp Wrap, in size 4!! 

    All ye have to do, me hearties, is like Sweet Baby Wraps on Facebook and share the giveaway post; then tell us that you did both via Rafflecopter by midnight on Friday, here:  Winner will be drawn from Rafflecopter entries n' notified on Saturday.  

    By th' way, today be th' last day to pre-order Kraken Marine!  Kraken Black pre-order tis open through Sept 26th.

  • Natibaby Kraken Preorder - Congrats to Design Contest Winner Taylor!!

    Seattle Area Babywearing Network's own Taylor and her husband Jason won Natibaby's design contest!  Born out of Jason's love of pirates and Taylor's love of babywearing these wraps will win your love too!  Woven in either a hemp/cotton blend (black) or merino wool/cotton blend (marine) it will be tough to decide which one to get!  


    Inspiration: Jason has always had a fascination with pirates and so it was no surprise when he and Taylor decorated their son's room with a pirate theme. Gifts for their son have been more and more anything pirate and even their diaper bag has skulls and crossbones.  Jason is seriously talented, here is a treasure map that he painted for his son!


    Preorder Details:

    This pre-order will be available until 9 pm Pacific on Sept 20th for Marine and Sept 26th for Black.  Wraps will be woven and shipped in 2-4 months so be prepared for a wait and we'll hope there are no delays.  Kraken Marine will be woven first, followed by Kraken Black. I will be in touch with you to keep you posted. You can pay in full now or pay a $100 deposit and the remainder when the wraps are ready to be shipped.

    Kraken Marine is woven in marine and ecru threads and is 30% merino wool / 70% cotton.  The marine color is a green/blue that is mostly green. Natibaby merino wool blend wraps are truly amazing in their softness and support.  They are not just good for winter, wool is a very breathable fabric so can be worn as well in warm weather.  Don't be intimidated by the bit of extra care for a wool wrap.  Simply soak in cool water with Eucalan wash in a tub for 15 minutes (no rinse!), roll in a towel to gently squeeze out the extra water and lay flat to dry.  We can do this!  

    Kraken Black will be 30% hemp / 70% cotton and woven in black and ecru threads.  Natibaby hemp is just dreamy!  So soft and so supportive! Plus hemp is very easy to care for.  It is machine washable on gentle with cold water and can go right into the dryer on low.  Add a couple dryer balls to help break it in and speed up the drying time because you won't want to be without this wrap!


    $100 deposit is required for all sizes for the pre-order and you will be billed the remainder when the wraps are ready for shipping.

    size 4    $160

    size 5    $170

    size 6    $180

    size 7    $190

    Always Free Shipping in the US!

  • Preorder: Cuddle up with a Zoli babywearing and maternity coat and hats for the littles!

    My oldest went back to school this morning and the first real sign of fall arrived as her bus pulled around the corner.  Summer has been great but here's something awesome to look forward to as fall gets closer: preordering a Zoli Trio babywearing and maternity coat for you and adorable Polar Cap hats for your little ones!  I'm so excited to be introducing this awesome French company to moms and babies in the US!  

    It is so hard to find a coat that fits and is even a little flattering during pregnancy.  And babywearing coats are wonderful... but, mine have for sure been function over form.  The Trio coat by Zoli is the one coat you'll need to keep you warm and looking great from pregnancy through years of babywearing. It also genuinely works as a cute coat when you're not pregnant or wearing your babe! The Trio coat is cut to fit feminine curves without being too snug, though I do recommend ordering a size up from your usual size to account for differences in French and American sizes.  A new feature is a discreet hood hidden in the collar - a necessity for my fellow Pacific Northwesterners!  Another important item to note for moms of little ones - this coat is machine washable.

    These coats come with a matching, adorable Polar Cap hat for your wear-ee.  The hats not only keep little ears and necks warm, they extend down onto the back and chest to keep baby protected from the elements while babywearing or running around the yard. The hats are also available separately in newborn and baby / toddler sizes.

    Check out the cuteness of these hats!!


    Here are some photos of a friend wearing her Trio coat:


    The babywearing mamas in Montana have already discovered Zoli and love their coat too.  Here is their review with a few great photos of the coat in action from the Babywearers of Bozeman:

    Sit back for a few minutes (or watch while you nurse your little one) and enjoy the peaceful music that accompanies this video from Zoli that demonstrates how to wear the Trio coat with all of its options.  

    Preorder details:

    Polar Cap hats are available in limited quantities so the hat preorder will close on Monday, Sept. 9th at 10pm Pacific so I can get our orders in before they sell out. There is a broad range of colors available for preorder but we will only offer 2-3 colors for in stock hats this fall. The newborn size hats fit from birth to 3-4 months and the baby/toddler size fits from 4 months to 2-3 years old.

    Trio Coats are available in two colors (brown with turquoise and black pearl) and five sizes (small to XX large) for preorder until Monday, Sept. 23rd at 10pm Pacific.  To sweeten the deal, the preorder coats are priced at a small discount!



  • Sweet Baby Wraps and King Konversions Raffle a Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai!!

    Military deployments aren't stressful only for soldiers. The families left behind also face a number of challenges, from fear for their soldier to financial pressures to feelings of loneliness or abandonment. The mamas of King Konversions and Sweet Baby Wraps are sympathetic to the struggles and challenges military families feel at these times and we'd like to bless one special family who's experiencing some particular challenges during a long deployment.

    To this end, we're excited to announce that King Konversions and Sweet Baby Wraps will be partnering together to raffle off a custom made wrap conversion mei tai... and that INCLUDES a wrap of your choosing, from our in-stocks! Proceeds will be used to help this family with some unexpected financial hardships that have arisen as a result of the daddy's lengthy deployment. 


    Please send $5 via PayPal as GIFTED (friends and family) to for one(1) entry (unlimited number of entries per person). Deadline is Saturday, Sept 7th at 10pm Pacific.

    Extras such as Suck Pads, or a doll carrier not included, but maybe purchased at customer's expense. The mei tai is slated to be sewn by King Konversions in late October, and make take up to 4 weeks to complete.  I’ll continue to add more wraps to the site so the winner is sure to find one they love!  Mai Tais are a wonderful, versatile carrier, read more about them in our Baby Carrier Guide.

    Let's make a big difference for a wonderful family!