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Fidella Onbu Shebra Green Daiquiri
  • Fidella Onbu Shebra Green Daiquiri
  • Padded leg opening in Cupid's Love Arrows Green

Fidella Buckle Onbu - Shebra Daiquiri


Onbu, is short for Obuhimo - a babycarrier originating from Japan, which acts as backpack and can be used from sitting age (and weight of 22 pounds) and is tested up to 66 pounds!  The Onbu is only intended for back carries.

The Onbu is the ideal babycarrier for bigger babies and toddlers who are already discovering the world independently but also like to be carried from time to time. It is ideal for quick up and downs and folds up very small and  is light weight.  This also makes it great for travel!

This carrier has no waist belt so it is great for pregnant woman or those with a sensitive tummy.


  • Made from Fidella woven wraps that are soft and supportive
  • Padded leg openings
  • The same adjustable back panel we love in the Fidella Fly Tai and Fusion

*Note that exact design and color placement varies.

*Fidella carriers can only be shipped within the US.

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