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Girasol MySol Supernova
  • Girasol MySol Supernova
  • Girasol MySol Supernova
  • Girasol MySol Supernova

Girasol MySol Supernova


This beautiful and unique meh dai (mei tai) style carrier is made from Girasol Supernova. The exact placement of the stripes from the wrap will vary in each carrier.

The MySol is made from a double layer of Girasol wrap fabric that nestles baby like a second skin around the and provides ideal support and comfort for baby and parent. The MySol is reversible -- practically two different carriers in one! The MySol has been designed to grow with your child in order to ensure great value and versatility.

  • Fits from birth to toddler
  • Front carries and back carries when baby is sitting totally unassisted, usually around 6 months
  • Adjustable in both the width and the height.
  • Integrated hood supports your sleeping baby's head and protects it against the sun; the hood's width is also adjustable.
  • Padded shoulder straps and a padded waist belt.
  • Uncomplicated to adjust, easy to wear
  • Includes chest belt, hip bag that fits on the waist-belt, and storage bag

The height adjust by placing the waistbelt/strap through the desired slot at the bottom of the the panel. Velcro secures the waist-belt in place and also helps to adjust the width - particularly if you want to scrunch it up smaller for newborns.

The MySol was developed by Girasol and babywearing consultants and it has been lovingly woven and sewn in small workshops in Guatemala: for an intimate and comfortable carrying experience that comes with a good conscience, fair trade and craftsmanship.


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