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Comfy Joey Mesh Ring Sling - White
  • Comfy Joey Mesh Ring Sling - White
  • Comfy Joey Mesh Ring Sling - White
  • Comfy Joey Mesh Ring Sling - White

Comfy Joey Mesh Ring Sling - White


Water slings are perfect for holding babies and toddlers close while you play in the waves with your family – the airy mesh is perfect for keeping a buoyant little one close-by in the water and when you step out it dries as quick as can be.

If you plan on wearing for extended periods of time - while going for a walk along the shore with your family – we suggest that you bring another sling along. One more suitable for extended wearing, such as 100% or one made from a woven wrap.

A note on sizing, we recommend going 1-2 sizes down from what you would typically order as you will likely not enjoy having the wet tail of the ring sling slapping your leg and getting in the way.  So a size small will be a good choice for most people.

Small: 73"

Medium: 78"

Shoulder: Original CJ-HybridTM Shoulder  
Care: Cold Wash/Air Dry  
Fabric: A Single-Layer of Sport Mesh  
Weight: Birth to 35 pounds

Safety and Warnings for Comfy Joey Water Slings:

  • All newborns, babies and toddlers should be held in an upright position and hip/tummy to tummy to minimize water trickling into tiny nostrils and mouth. Preferably no forward facing or back carry when using your water sling in land or water. The mesh is stretchy and not suitable for back carries or forward facing carries.
  • The mesh is stretchy and meant for water use. Dry land use should be minimized as the tiny holes can stretch and cause bigger holes. Water gives buoyancy which helps release some of the tension and stress put on the holes.
  • Please use caution while using the water sling. Do not place baby in the sling if the sling is wet or slippery. In the pool; please make sure you have a good grip of the mesh if you want to reuse the sling when wet. In the shower; please place baby in the sling and then step into the shower. Do not manipulate the sling with soapy hands. Please use caution.
  • Place rings in the corsage position for optimal comfort. Lift the baby up while adjusting the sling. Tugging too hard or pulling on the tail can cause the holes to stretch and tear.
  • Wash and dry your sling after each beach/pool use. The salt/chlorine will cause the rings to discolor and the mesh will start losing elasticity. Air dry your mesh sling and do not use the dryer/iron.
  • Please be careful when walking around slippery surfaces and wet areas. You can slip and cause harm to both yourself and baby. Use caution in and around the pool/bathroom.
  • Please inspect your sling before each use and make sure the sling is still in good condition. Comfy Joey slings are made with apparel fabric and typically last one season if used regularly. Just like your favorite t-shirt or swim suit, wear and tear is part of using comfortable cloth like slings. Please do not pass on or sell worn out slings. If selling in good condition, please pass on a print-out of this listing.
  • The warning labels and tags can be pushed inside the shoulder fold to get it out of the way and not show. Please let the person you are passing on to know its location.
  • Order your regular size if you would like a little extra tail to cover your child's delicate skin from the hot summer sun; or size down, so you don't have to worry about the tail clinging to you while you chase your toddler along the beach shore.
  • Comfy Joey Water Slings are good from birth to 35 pounds. They are good for short carries out of the water. We recommend a Comfy Joey Linen Sling for longer dry land carrying. 

Water is a place of adventure, and a place for fun. Some of the best, and most fantastic adventures revolve around water... and this Summer, with your Comfy Joey Water Sling along for the ride, you can enjoy your wonderful family adventure too!

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