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Stochenwiege Leo Turquoise

Stochenwiege Leo Turquoise


These wraps are well know for being sturdy, soft and comfortable and are great for newborns and toddlers alike. These wraps are easy to care for and are low maintenance.  Storchenwiege wraps have different colors from the pattern on each rail, edge, of the wrap to make tying and tightening easier as you know which edge you are grabbing.

Baby Wrap From Germany 

  • Unique, beautiful patterns and colors
  • The company's founder and fabric developer is a textile engineer
  • All cotton used in the Storchenwiege Baby Sling is from controlled biological cotton farms
  • Not only does the strong weave help the durability of the baby sling, it also holds the tied knot very well as it doesn't give after the baby is placed in it.
  • The fabric is prewashed and preshrunk. This ensures the fabric has a minimal shrinkage of 2.5%. 
  • Storchenwiege is manufactured in Sachsen, Germany, under strict environmental regulations. Storchenwiege Baby Slings are Oeko Text 100 certified
  • Storchenwiege Baby Slings have a double hemline for durability and ideal embracing of your baby's back All Storchenwiege Baby Slings have tapered ends to ensure easy tying
  • All Storchenwiege Baby Slings come with detailed instructions. The instructions differ from others on the market as they give some extra hints in tying the sling. This is great for beginners and experienced babywearers. The instructions were developed with the help of a certified teacher of baby wearing from the Dresden, Germany, school of baby wearing instructors. 
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