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52 Weeks of Carrie's Carries

Babywearing glamour shots are fun to have - and I have had more than my share of professional babywearing pictures taken -but I am devoting this year to showing every day babywearing in action.  The messy, beautiful, at home, out and about, get it done, babywearing. The kind of babywearing that makes a difference between being stuck and getting something done - whether that is getting to the kitchen to make one more cup of coffee or standing outside on a cold day watching your older children's soccer game or making it out to the coffee date with other moms to compare notes on life with a baby.

Join me this year and tag #52carries when you post your pics!  Each week will have a style of carrying and a location, but start anytime!  I'll keep the gallery here.

Week 1: Front Wrap Cross Carry at the farm

Week 1 of Carrie's Carries: Front Wrap Cross Carry at the farm