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  • Girasol Cascade - Sweet Baby Wraps Exclusive
  • Girasol Cascade Toddler Twill - Exclusive Woven Wrap

Girasol Cascade Toddler Twill - Exclusive Woven Wrap




This is the first Girasol exclusive design for Sweet Baby Wraps.  This is the result of a design contest for our first anniversary in business and as both the winner of the contest and Sweet Baby Wraps are located in Western Washington at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains we agreed Cascade was the perfect name.  The color change gradation also reminded us of a cascading waterfall.

This design is also ideal for beginners, though the thick weave is best for toddlers! The three main colors are not only beautiful but are just right for learning how to use your wrap or ring sling - you can tell if it is twisted and right where the fabric needs to be tightened.

This listing is for the thick weave of the twill weaving pattern (really a broken twill if you know weaving patterns). This thick weave is achieved by using a double weft thread.  The weft therefore is just a little more noticeable than in the standard twill wraps.  The thickness makes the wrap slightly more stiff but with a wash and a little use it will soften up very nicely.  The extra support this added thickness provides is a dream with older babies and toddlers!

Hand woven 100% cotton Girasol baby wraps are produced in Guatemala with traditional methods of the Maya Indians. Girasol baby wraps are wonderfully soft and mold to your baby in a wonderful way. 

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