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  • Little Frog Linen Agat Natural Woven Wrap

Little Frog Creamy Agate Merino Ring Sling




Incredible softness and support come together in this beautiful ring sling that you will love from birth through the toddler years.  The merino wool is a very soft wool with a "not bothersome" rating on the wool scratchiness scale. The merino wool also gives the wrap fabric a greater degree of support so it really will continue to be comfortable with big babies and toddlers.

The soft rainbow stripes on this wrap fabric are not only in beautiful colors but these stripes will help you to know exactly where the fabric needs to be tightened or adjusted.  These ring slings have silver rings and a simple gathered shoulder. 

Little Frog wraps and ring slings are produced in accordance with European Eco-Tex Standard 100 and therefore:
- do not contain allergenic dyes
- are free from carcinogenic dyes and dyes suspected of being carcinogenic
- have been tested for the release of heavy metals
- do not contain formaldehyde
- have a skin friendly pH


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