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Little Frog Labradorite at Sweet Baby Wraps
  • Little Frog Labradorite at Sweet Baby Wraps
  • Little Frog Labradorite bamboo/cotton

Little Frog Labradorite bamboo/cotton


This beautiful rainbow wrap is woven in 55% cotton and 45% bamboo with an ecru weft that softens the rainbow stripes ever so slightly.  This is a thinner wrap and is incredibly soft right out of the package.  You will especially love this wrap with newborns and babies up through the first year or so. It will also be a great warm weather carrier as bamboo fibers are very smooth and have a cooling effect.

Added bonus: Bamboo fibers have a natural essence (bamboo kun), which protects the plant against bacteria and fungi making bamboo fibers also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Little Frog wraps are produced in accordance with European Eco-Tex Standard 100 and therefore:
- do not contain allergenic dyes
- are free from carcinogenic dyes and dyes suspected of being carcinogenic
- have been tested for the release of heavy metals
- do not contain formaldehyde
- have a skin friendly pH


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