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  • Tricot-Slen Cool Wrap
  • Tricot-Slen Cool Wrap
  • Tricot-Slen Cool Wrap
  • Tricot-Slen Cool Wrap

Tricot-Slen Cool Wrap




The new Bayblonia Tricot-Slen Cool is one of my top picks for warm weather babywearing! It is made of a unique, meshy (is that a word?), knitted fabric that is SO breathable! Yet, it it carried by 3 yr old comfortably, on my back, in the heat at the farm this summer!  Seriously! AND you can wear it in the water! 

*CAUTION: please use common sense when wearing baby in the water - front or hip carries only; no swimming; only do activities you would do with baby in arms.  Be extra safe and cautious.*

This wrap is extremely light and folds up small so is great for travel.  The Tricot-Slen Cool has the carrying capacity of a woven wrap with some added flexibility and a bit of stretch - but not so much that it sags or is unsafe in back carries. I recommend the Tricot-Slen Cool for newborns up to toddlers and it is tested up to 40 lbs! This hybrid wrap can be worn in many different positions - front, back, and hip.  It comes in just one size so all you have to do is pick your color! 

Bonus: this moisture-wicking fabric is machine washable and air dries quickly. 

Big kid wearing tip:  I found my shoulders were most comfortable when I had the wrap spread out on my shoulders about 6-8 inches - bunched up wasn't as comfy for me.

Made from: 
Jersey Knit 100% NewLife (a high-tech fiber made from recycled plastic bottles) and  - non-toxic dyes.

Made in the Netherlands

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