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  • Zoli Polar Cap for baby and toddler
  • Zoli baby and toddler hat color options

Zoli Baby Polar Cap

$31.20 $39.00

tangerine with gray
turquoise with lime green
maroon with golden yellow
lavender with lime green


We are excited to introduce the wonderful line of Zoli products to moms and babies in the US!  

These unique hats are made by Zoli, a French company that is passionate about comfortable babywearing in all seasons for mom and baby.  These hats are adjustable and provide coverage of baby's head, ears, neck and chest.  These caps are soft and easy to put on; just right for your baby or young toddler.  They will fit from 4 months to about 2-3 years old when the round baby face and short neck lengthen.  These hats are just right for babywearing with the Zoli coat or anytime you want to be sure your little one stays warm.

We have one each in stock in these colors.


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