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  • One Big Wish for Ana - Wrap Conversion Tula Baby Carrier

    A year ago we were honored to be part of something incredible – we worked together and with a generous matching donation raised over $10,000 – for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help find a cure and provide more tomorrows for those living with CF and to Ana’s Wishes – to support a sweet 14 year old girl, Ana, as she went through a tough liver cancer treatment. We have recently received an update on Ana – she is not going to be able to recover from cancer and will be spending this spring and summer living as full a life as she can and making many happy memories with her family. As a mom, I cannot imagine anything more painful to face and walk through than the terminal illness of my child. 

    Brave Ana!

    Here’s where we can help:

    We want to raise enough money to send Ana, her parents, her sister, some extended family members, and maybe even her pets to the beach for a week. We hope to cover the cost of a beach house and food and maybe even some activities for the family to enjoy.  Ana’s mom has shared with us that this is their dream for the summer – to have a week to be able to fully enjoy each other’s company and live richly in the moment, together, while Ana still has the strength to enjoy it all. Let’s do this for Ana and her family.  Let’s take care of the details so they can enjoy the week to the fullest! And soon!!

    Ana’s mom is a friend of Ula – the founder of Tula – and Ula has generously offered a gorgeous wrap conversion Tula Baby Carrier made with a stunning woven wrap artfully created by Omega Organics as a thank you gift to a lucky donor.  We are asking you to join us in donating this week to grant one more big wish for Ana! Any amount will help and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Ana’s and her mom to fund this wish.

    As a thank you for those who donate $29 between now and 7 pm on May 7th, and let us know by commenting HERE, we will randomly draw a name from the Facebook post to receive this Tula baby carrier as a thank you gift for your generosity. We will announce the recipient of the thank you gift on May 8th – Mother’s Day! This beautiful Tula will ship out the very next day! If you donate $29 – be sure to comment!

    How to help grant Ana's wish:

    Donations can be made directly to Ana via Paypal at or by sending the money as a gift via Paypal to: Note that this is a gift and not an exchange for goods or services. Please put "Tula" in the comments section.

    We are SO thankful for any donation amount! If you have donated $29 or more and wish to be entered to receive the Omega Organics Aspirations Standard size Tula Baby Carrier, half wrap conversion with navy canvas, please comment on the original post from May 2nd at and be ready to for us to confirm with you on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

    UPDATE: To help reach the goal of $4000 raised - when we hit that mark Sweet Baby Wraps will provide another Tula as a second thank you gift.  It will can be an in stock carrier in standard or toddler, chosen from a group of 6 prints so you're sure to get one you love.

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  • Carrie's Carries - Week 1 - Front Wrap Cross Carry with a Girasol Northern Lights Woven Wrap

    Week One of Carrie's Carries features the front wrap cross carry with a Girasol Northern Lights, at the farm. Please share your pics and tag with #52carries so I can find them too!

    Each week I will post a new carrier or carry in action - not just with a clean room in the background. I want to show everyday, game-changing babywearing!  And occasionally just really beautiful carrier too. You can catch up with our gallery HERE.

    Week 1: Front Wrap Cross Carry
    • The Carry: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)
      • Good For: beginners to experienced - this is usually the first carry I teach with a woven wrap.
      • Why I love it: FWCC is comfortable for most and very supportive for baby - this is important when you are building your confidence with a newborn, and when your heavy 11 month old baby wants to nap and only on your front. This tying way also teaches skills that are a great foundation for learning other ways to tie a wrap on your front, hip or back.
      • It is not for you if: you have a shoulder injury and need a one shoulder carry. For some that have experienced trauma having baby right in front and on your chest might trigger discomfort - lowering baby just a smidge (still close enough to kiss) might help or a side carry (even half way on the hip-halfway on the front) would likely be a better option.
      • Length of wrap: You will need a long wrap - depending on your size that will be a 5, 6 or 7.  HERE is a wrap size guide.
    • The Carrier: Girasol Northern Lights woven wrap
      • Good For: beginner to experienced, newborn through toddler, find it HERE
      • Why I love it: There just something special about Girasol wraps - the colors are gorgeous, the softness, and the fact that they are fair trade woven in Guatemala. The stripes on this wrap also make it easy to know right where to tighten or adjust the wrap - this makes it easier for beginners. Girasol also offers wraps in diamond weave, herringbone weave and a thick weave (geeky info: the warp threads are doubled) that gives extra support for toddlers.  
      • It is not for you if: Girasol only makes wraps with stripes or solid colors so the design may not be for you. But thicker wraps can be a bit tougher for some to learn with particularly if you're hesitant to begin with.
      • How to's

      This picture is me and my youngest when she was about 3 months old.  Northern Lights was the very first woven wrap that I ever owned and it is still one of my absolute favorites. The colors are stunning and the wrap is soft and wonderful to wear.

    • Donate during Black Friday Shopping!

      As part of your holiday shopping I invite you to donate to Lift Me Up; Babywearing to Thrive.  An incredible program that gets baby carriers into the hands of families that have special needs babies and toddlers. This helps families to increase the opportunity for bonding, allow baby and caregiver to enjoy the medical benefits of babywearing and kangaroo care, and get around to continue caring for other children or simply get out for a walk.

      Read more about the program HERE.

      Earlier this month we set aside a portion of each sale of our exclusive Tula Maverick for The Carrying On Project that helps military families with baby carrier donations.  I look forward to increasing our donations this month with you help! 

      Lift Me Up

      You can donate in three ways:

      • You can purchase a carrier that we will donate directly on your behalf - please be sure to leave a note in the "notes" section during check out.
      • You can add a vinyl car decal to your order for $6 and $3 of that amount will be donated to Lift Me Up!
      • You can donate directly to Lift Me Up on their website HERE or by adding a few dollars to you order HERE


    • Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis - Connor's Cure Finders!

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