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About Us

Sweet Baby Wraps offers a curated selection of baby carriers and education on how to select, and wear, the right carrier for your needs. I have a passion for serving new moms and moms new to babywearing because it is a time when you are doing so many things for the first time and so much is overwhelming. Sweet Baby Wraps is here to empower new moms with the confidence to trust their intuition.

Core Values:

  • Education and empowerment of new moms
  • Hand-selected products for mom and baby chosen for quality, value and utility
  • Customers-first service

Sweet Baby Wraps launched in the summer of 2013 out of a love of wearing my babies and a love for the many beautiful wraps and baby carriers.  I have worn all three of my kids in carriers but it wasn't until I was almost due with my third baby that I discovered the great variety of wraps, ring slings, mei tais and buckle carriers that weren't available in the big box baby stores. I quickly jumped in with my local babywearing group and soon was off to class to become a certified babywearing instructor.Chimparoo Mei Tai

For me, babywearing lowered stress -mine and baby's- provided the opportunity for my girls to come along with me throughout the day, and allowed me to get more done around the house. With two under two I needed a baby carrier just to keep up!

Giving back and supporting the babywearing community has been an important part of Sweet Baby Wraps from the beginning. I am proud to be able to donate carriers and give financial support to Lift Me Up; Babywearing to Thrive, The Carrying On Project, and Babywearing International. In addition I have been a volunteer educator with my local Babywearing International group.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I believe that babywearing is for every mom, dad, and caregiver no matter your parenting philosophy; and that babywearing will bring you confidence in your parenting, convenience, comfort, and a loving connection with your baby. 

Take a look in the Learn section to start the search for the right carrier for you!

Thank you,


Center for Babywearing Studies Certified