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  • All about Tula Baby Carriers; what does the Tula lingo mean?

    Whether you are new to Tula or have loved your Tula for years the lingo may be confusing.  So I’d like to offer this introduction and glossary – please use the comments to let me know what I can add to this and I’ll edit this blog post to keep it updated!

    Tula is a family owned company has been around for about 5 years and they make a buckle carrier that is not only amazingly comfortable (yes, even with toddlers) but they come in a changing variety of cute and modern prints that moms AND dads love.  The carriers are made in Poland and Mexico and the US headquarters is in San Diego, Cali.  I am so excited that Tula is now introducing a line of woven wraps!  This company has a very high standard of quality so I have no doubt the wraps will be wonderful.  I will be selling them if and when they are available for me to stock.  

    Standard size: fits from 15-45 lbs and I recommend it from about 4 months up to between 1 ½ - 2 years depending on the height and weight of your toddler.  Once your baby is sitting unassisted very well, around 6 months, you can start doing back carries with a buckle carrier.  Just be sure he doesn't slump down when sleeping and put his airway at risk.  The Rearview Mirror is a quick and easy way to check up on him especially when you aren't with another adult.

    Toddler size: fits from 25-50 lbs and I recommend it from around 1 ½- 2 years on up.  It is quite a bit wider than the Standard so most 12 month olds would be swimming in it but there are rare exceptions.  This is good news though because it will really last a long time.

    Infant insert: Tula makes an infant insert to use with the Standard size carrier earlier than 4 months old for front carries only.  This is well made and a good option for some, however infant inserts are generally not my first choice for newborns, especially during warm months.

    Free to Grow Extenders: these extensions widen the base of the panel so that knee to knee support and the seated squat position can be maintained as your little one grows.  This can greatly extend the life of your Tula.  The extenders are easy to use and really do work very well.  These are available in limited canvas colors, usually black and grey.

    Hoods: all Tulas come with a flat hood that has elastic cord in the sides, it is nice a light weight and durable cotton.  It is removable with snaps and is just the right size to fold up and store in the pocket on the waist belt.

    Accessories: Drool pads, custom hoods, and other fun accessories for your Tula are made by a handful of small businesses.  Some sell them ready made and some make customs but can have a wait of a couple months. List your favorite accessory maker in the comments!

    WC Tula: Wrap Conversion Tula – this is a Tula made in part or whole from a woven wrap.  The same pattern is used so the sizing is the same.  These are only available occasionally from retailers and most Sunday afternoons directly from Tula - but they go very quickly!

    Semi WC Tula:  A Semi wrap conversion is made with brushed cotton canvas and the front of the panel is made with a woven wrap.  The hood is made from thin, 100% cotton fabric.

    Half WC Tula: The front of the panel, the front of the waist belt, pocket, and front of the shoulder straps are made out of the wrap. The inside of the panel, waist belt, and shoulder straps of the carrier are made out of brushed cotton canvas in a coordinating color. The hood is made from thin, 100% cotton fabric.

    Full WC Tula:  All fabric on this carrier is from a woven wrap.

    Wrap hood:  A double layer wrap fabric hood is an option sometimes available with wrap conversion.  It is also a removable, flat hood.

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      How do I find out the name of the pattern of my tula?

      March 21, 2017

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      This was soooo helpful!! Thank you. I was wondering if you know how the Tula compares to the ergo?? Tks!

      April 24, 2015

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      My husband and I are in California for a week and we would really like to visit your headquarters? What is the address please?
      Thanks so much!

      March 18, 2015

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