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Handmade Glass Babywearing Ornament

Handmade Glass Babywearing Ornament


Fresh from the flames of the Family tree Glass studio, introducing the Babywearing Ornament! Whether you are wearing your babe right now, or your children are all grown up and you want to cherish those good old babywearing days, this handblown, flame-sculpted glass art is a wonderful keepsake for any attached parent or mama-to-be. Each one is created individually so that no two are the same, and then kiln annealed to ensure durability. Designed especially for attached parents and created by a mindful mama, this ornament makes a beautifully unique holiday decoration, sun catcher, token of appreciation for any mother, mother-to-be, midwife or doula, and a unique addition to any baby shower present. Appx 2”, suspended from a strand of hemp, and handcrafted using borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, which is extremely crack resistant. Comes lovingly packaged in a gift box.

This is made with clear glass for the mama or papa and baby, and the color refers to the color of the sling.

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