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  • Beco Soleil Scribble
  • Beco Soleil Scribble
  • Beco Soleil Scribble

Beco Soleil Scribble

$70.00 $140.00



The Beco Soleil is a comfortable and stylish buckle carrier that parents and babies will love!  It can be used with newborns - with an added insert, sold separately - on up through early toddlerhood. This carrier is great for front, hip, and back carries.

Some features that make this brand and carrier unique:

  • In a front carry the straps can cross on your back or be worn backpack style
  • For babies 7 - 45 lbs - infant insert need usually from birth to around 3 months
  • Each Soleil includes a snap-on hood and and snap-on pocket/bag
  • Key ring and toy ring
  • Pocket on waist belt
  • Tri-lock buckles for added security

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